06/14/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2013

4 Reasons Why Staying Home for the Summer Isn't the End of the World

Despite the amount of internship applications you sent out and your outstanding efforts to find something (anything!) to do with your summer, it's time to face the truth: you'll be staying home until school starts up again in the fall. Although you may feel frustrated, Her Campus is here to let you know that it's not the end of the world -- and why being home for the summer is actually pretty awesome.

1. It's less expensive

If you were taking an internship for school credit, chances are that you wouldn't be getting paid; in fact, on top of not receiving compensation, you'd actually be paying for the school credits you'd earn from that internship. That means you'd be in the red from the start... especially when you factor in the cost of housing, food, and living expenses in general. And even if you were lucky enough to score a paid internship, you'll still have to pay those living expenses! While living in your parents' house may make you feel like you're in high school again, at least you'll be saving money. Since you probably don't have to pay rent or cover the costs of food and utilities, you'll be saving loads of money just by settling down in your old bedroom until the start of the fall semester.

2. You can relax

After the brutal hours you spent cramming for finals week, you've definitely earned a little R&R. Thankfully, once you're back at home, you'll have ample time to spend in your comfiest (and therefore least attractive -- hey, there aren't any frat boys around to impress!) pajamas, catching up on the last few seasons of Parks and Rec on Netflix, or reading for leisure for once. You can lay out outside, go for long runs, scroll through Pinterest for hours -- whatever you wish you had more time to do at school!

3. You can make money

As we already mentioned, internships can be expensive. Often collegiettes find themselves taking on a part-time job in addition to their internship just to make ends meet. However, since you aren't spending any money on your living arrangements, if you decide to get a job, you'll just be increasing the amount in your checking account!

If you had a part-time or summer position when you were in high school, try checking in with your old boss to see if they're looking for seasonal employees. You can also check out Craigslist postings for your area to see if anyone is looking for someone to nanny, waitress, or do any other jobs you might be suited for. After a few days spent watching Netflix in your pajamas, chances are you'll be itching to get out of the house and do something productive, anyway!

4. You already know all the good spots in town

One of the hardest parts of interning or working in a new city over the summer is a total lack of knowledge of the area you're living in. Where's the best place to go for a cup of coffee? Where should you go for drinks with friends?

Thankfully, if you're staying at home for the summer, you already know all of the best places in town to go for these things and more. Staying home for the summer offers you the chance to go to all of your old favorite spots. If there's a certain restaurant you miss or crave while you're away at school, this is your chance to refuel your addiction!

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