07/03/2013 12:32 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2013

5 Things You Should Not Do at a Wedding


It is summertime and wedding season is well underway. As I begin to receive multiple wedding invitations I cannot help but reflect on my own special day. There are numerous things I never thought I would have to tell people not to do but in many cases common sense is not so common. Here are a few tips you should consider NOT doing when attending your next wedding:

Don't Wear White. This should really be a no brainer but looking back at my wedding I cannot help but see how many women bravely showed up to my wedding in white dresses. The only woman in the entire room that should be wearing an all white dress is the bride and if you're attempting to outshine her, perhaps you should have stayed at home.

Don't Take Pictures Behind The Photographer.
With all this new age technology and smartphones it is hard not to pull out your camera during a ceremony as celebratory as a wedding. While the bride herself will never tell you this she secretly hates that you are in her photographer's way attempting to take photos. In many cases the photographer has been paid a great sum of money to take the photos she is taking and for you to stand behind her and take the same photos is not only stealing the photographer's creative property but you're also taking up valuable space and potentially time that the photographer could have been using to take photos in places that you are now occupying.

Don't Post Photos of the Bride On Social Media Before She Does.
Unless you are the photographer you have no reason to post pictures on social media of a bride before she has the opportunity to post pictures. A bride only gets one wedding day (in many cases) and she wants every picture posted to show how flattering and flawless she was on that day. While smartphones and digital cameras are great, nothing says flawless like a few edited pictures that only a professional can capture. If you can spare the wait, don't post any pictures or videos without the bride's approval.

Don't Mention The Bride Or Groom's Ex.
This seems like common sense right? Not really. New unions and new beginnings often bring up conversations of how the married couples have individually and collectively overcome their past. You can congratulate and salute the couple without that embarrassing story of "do you remember when you almost married Jim or Sally?"

Don't Wear Skimpy or Tight Clothes. There is nothing worse than showing up to a wedding and seeing a man or woman dressed in a manner that screams LOOK AT ME. When getting dressed for a wedding you should always be conscious of your attire. It is perfectly fine to desire to look your best but there is a lot wrong with someone who is striving to look THE BEST on someone else's special day. If you're standing in the mirror and you constantly have to adjust your clothes to make sure your shirt doesn't explode or make sure your dress doesn't rise. You may want to consider changing clothes.