06/05/2013 05:52 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Do MLB Players Deserve Suspension or Drug Rehab?

Within the last 24 hours the sports world has gone into an uproar over the recent announcement that over 20 Major League Baseball (MLB) players could potentially being suspended due to a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) scandal.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their raw emotions on the potential suspension of two of the league's top players: Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. An increasing number of proponents for the PID drugs in sports argue that if it's a known fact most players use drugs why not legalize it? Opponents on the other hand view performance enhancements as cheating and believe all players who are caught using them should be suspended indefinitely regardless of your caliber as a player.

The brunt of this recent scandal involves Tony Bosch, founder of Biogenesis of America. According to ESPN reports Bosch has agreed to cooperate with the Major League investigation giving officials the credibility they would need to suspend players.

Could this be the worst doping scandal in sports history? Quite possibly. Do I believe more suspensions are on the way? Definitely. Will that end the use of drugs in Pro Sports? I highly doubt it.

With the world of technology constantly evolving players are now more than ever using new doping techniques to avoid testing detection.

The question that now lies at the forefront of this newest scandal is do players deserve suspension or a few visits to drug rehab? Call me crazy but I vote both. Let's consider A-Rod who has tested positive on numerous occasions for PEDs and is somehow still allegedly abusing them even after his previous suspensions. Sure, suspensions cost you a lot and fines cost you even more but when you are wealthy, who cares? Suspensions may be eye openers but what about those players who are addicted to the results that Performance Enhancing drugs give them? Do you slap them on the wrist with a suspension or do you force them to seek treatment before returning? The MLB offers a treatment program in their drug prevention handbook but the question is are they using it to their advantage or expecting suspensions to "clean players" up from drugs?