07/08/2013 12:34 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

The Decision and How Dwight Howard Is Just Like Everyone Else

A decision has finally been made. After weeks and weeks of meetings and speculations Dwight Howard has finally decided on a team. He has decided to become a Houston Rocket.

What came as a surprise to many was no surprise to many sports analysts who had received reports early on Friday that negotiations were being made and that it appeared Dwight would be moving his talent to Houston. Around 10:30 pm Dwight put all the speculations to rest when he announced via his Twitter page that he would indeed be joining the Rockets.

The many Houston fans across the country tweeted excitedly while LA Lakers fans were not amused by the former Laker's star's decision to join another team. Oddly enough the fans were not the only ones who took Dwight's decision personally. The LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant unfollowed Dwight on Twitter and Instagram moments after receiving word that Howard would not be returning to the Lakers.

Honestly speaking over the last few weeks I too have become a Dwight Howard critic wondering why he would leave a promising Laker's team to pursue a championship dream that may or may not ever happen for him and then a harsh reality hit me. Dwight is just like many of us.

Have you ever quit a job? Have you ever started a job with no intent of staying long-term? Have you ever went on multiple interviews and received multiple offers and negotiated your salary and package in order to determine which job you were most willing to take? If you're human and of working age the answer is probably yes to one or more of those questions.

For years Dwight Howard has lived his career on the court in the homes of millions of people each week but ultimately the NBA is still his job. It's a job where you have ups and downs, you have days you don't like your employers and you have days that you simply just want to work somewhere else that you feel your skills will be more appreciated. Whatever the case may be we make decisions based on our current situations in order to make us happy. Rather you like Dwight's decision to become a Rocket or not doesn't matter what does matter is that Dwight made a decision not in the better interest of fans, coaches, teammates, family and friends but that he made a decision in the best interest of himself. Wouldn't you?