07/31/2013 03:00 pm ET Updated Sep 30, 2013

Tye Tribett Believes Heaven Endorsed New Album

With six days to go before the release of his newest album Greater Than it appears that Tye Tribett may have another hit album on his hands.

The moment you pop Greater Than into your CD player which is set to be released on August sixth you are guaranteed to enter into a worship experience like never before. From the upbeat smash single "If He Did It Before" to the anointed filled "Worship Medley" to the remake of the Rock & Roll hit "Got My Mind Set On You."

We spoke with Tye Tribett earlier this week to discuss the greatest obstacle he had to face while creating this album and he had this to say:

This is the most effortless album recording I have ever experienced in my life. The biggest problem we had were a few technical issues every once and a while but other than that there was no real stress. Call me crazy but I feel as if Heaven endorsed both nights of this album recording.

Can't wait until August 6 to take a peek at his new album? Check out the album sampler below: