06/06/2014 10:44 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2014

UNC Player Speaks Out 10 Years Later

I'm a diehard UNC fan. Not a diehard fan to the extent that I defend everything right and wrong with UNC but diehard to am extent that I fully support the greatness of their athletic programs much like most people.

Earlier this morning I was shocked to find out via social media that one of the greatest UNC basketball players of all time had spoken out about academic fraud he had allegedly participated in. Now don't get me wrong, if this is all indeed true it should not be swept under the rug; however wrong was wrong 10 years ago, so why speak out today almost 10 years later?

Many users took to social media earlier today offering suggestions why the former UNC and NBA basketball player decided to speak out today. Some suggested he did it for financial purposes, other suggested he was bitter and some even believe he did it to clear his own conscience. What do I think? Well quite frankly I have no idea, but I sincerely hope speaking out doesn't cause anymore humiliation than it already has.