03/21/2012 05:10 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Spring Up Your Wardrobe -- Redhead Style

Spring has officially sprung! This past weekend, spring gave me an early welcome with a sunburn on my nose and shoulders. Although, it's time to say goodbye to your oversized winter sweaters and fleece leggings, and say hello to floral dresses, comfortable rompers and super high wedges; all fair skinned ladies (and gentlemen) must remember to rock sunscreen.

You can look fashionable and keep your skin safe.

My favorite looks is a Haute Hippie dress or Tibi printed skirt; with sunscreen underneath, of course.

Whether you are hitting the beach or frolicking the streets of Manhattan, make sure to opt for sun-friendly fashion items.

Here are my top five tips to keeping you look hot and fresh, redhead style:

1. Retro Shades: 60's inspired shades are all the rage now. Sunglasses are suppose to be fun, so play with the color and the size of the frame.

2. Neon Handbag: This has become my top, "redhead friendly" trend! Neon is very vibrant and can really make a simple outfit shine. Try: A neon clutch for the evening or a cross body bag for the daytime.

3. Maxi Dress: Do you ever have a day when you want to put little effort into looking good, but still look flawless? I do. A fitted maxi dress is the way to go! You can throw it on with flats or wedges. The great thing about a maxi dress is it can come in many different styles: cut out, strapless, super long, layered and knee length.

4. Headscarf: Protect your red hair this spring by rocking silk printed headscarves. Make sure your scarf has the ability to the tie in the back. Also, choose a "redhead friendly" color- my favorites being, green, purple and blue.

5. Boho Hat: Hats are very fashionable and should always be a "go to" piece. Floppy oversized boho hats are great accessories that can be worn wherever you go. I still rock a dark brown hat I bought a few years ago and couldn't imagine my summer months without it.

Keep your skin protected all spring and summer long and never forget, Rock it like a Redhead!