05/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011 To Be Auctioned: Hey, Bill Gates, How About Bidding on it?

One of the most valuable pieces of cyber-real estate is up for sale. According to Wired, will be auctioned on March 16 and the opening bid is a mere one million dollars. Do we really need another porn site? Can we make do with the estimated 1.3 million sex-related sites already on the web? Never mind the ever popular user-generated sites where folk upload last night's activity for free without so much as a fee or password required.

No, I think it would be an amazing piece of largess - not to mention an inspired acquisition - if Bill Gates and his Foundation, were to outbid everyone and snap up this heavily trafficked site. Then the smart folks at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could convert into the world's leading safe sex portal in an effort to stop the spread of HIV and the myriad of other sexually transmitted diseases, while also curbing the rise of unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Whatever you think of online porn -- whether you have a laissez-faire attitude or are an outright opponent of the stuff -- the world wide web would not miss the disappearance of as a sexual shop front.

What would be inspired would be the appearance of educated and fact-based messages, videos, tips and guides on how to have a wonderful and loving sex life being responsible and safe for you and your partner. Who better to deliver such a site than the man who presided first over the spread of the personal computer to every corner of the globe and who is doing his level best to give away his personal fortune, particularly to those corners where HIV/AIDS and other STD's are so rampant.

So come on, Bill, be a sport. $1M or thereabouts certainly won't break the bank. Put a smile on our faces and a good feeling in our hearts. And, in the future, when kids land on they'll get some real sexual education and tips that will keep them, their partners and, eventually, their own children safe. You know it's the right thing to do.