10/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Does Palin Have The Spine to Face Down McCain?

Palin is taking it on the chin, in my odd judgment.

Here's a uniformly negative collection of links, but hardly unrepresentative.

What else can be expected when there is NO direct reporting?

This, along with much else, is a mistake the McCain campaign will pay for.

I honestly believe that Palin-loosed would be able to fool the American people and have an impact on polls that are not now going her way.

Palin -- bound by the neocons demonstrates that she is subservient to the noxious reality of the McCain campaign.

My guess is she is steamed at McCain and that she regards herself (as do her vociferous fans) as the leading one.

I am sure her notion of providence regarding actuarial possibilities is humming away. I am equally sure that, if she sees DEFEAT writ large, she will let us know that she will not go down with the Titanic.

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