02/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sabathia and Obama -- High Hopes

Reading here about Sabathia got me thinking about what would happen to the Yankees if all the worst-case things about Sabathia -- being back in the AL, past a peak, in the 4s instead of 2s era-wise -- came true? Well, that would be a train wreck that I don't want to witness. But being an avid Yankee fan, I will witness whatever happens, you can be sure.

It got me thinking about expectations. Sabathia must be the most expected person in baseball. And surely Barack is the most expected person period. In the world.

What is nice to think about is the degree to which mind and spirit play a key part in meeting challenges. I feel Sabathia and Obama have lots of that going for them. Sometimes, when challenges rise, a certain grace emerges, some extra positivity to help achieve a good result.

I know Barack watches ESPN for relaxation. Perhaps he looks for metaphors and similes as well.

We have some special things coming our way. I wish both C.C. and B.O. well. More than well. The world. A lot is riding on them. But, like us, they are simply human beings.

We are all in the same boat. The challenges we face are no less important than theirs when seen... from a distance. And our overcoming is no less momentous.

Finally it comes down to what we expect of ourselves and the providences we can claim from experience.

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