03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Nasty, Real World

This is a despicable Health Bill, a stain on the soul of anyone who has worked on it, who supports it, who believes they have done anything right in birthing it. If there is a hell I would want everyone involved with this bill to end up in it, nonetheless...

This Bill should be passed.

Then we need to work to throw everyone out of office that claims they did a good job here. I also think we need to remember that when our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the various other State and Federal laws of their day they avoided the issue of slavery, barely thought of the rights of their mothers, wives, daughters, didn't even blink about the rights of Native Americans.


We really do seem to be a despicable species -- our current wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Detroit, etc.; the joke of the Copenhagen miasma. And yet we're all we got. And it's not over yet so I say let's keep going - but let's be honest about it.

Let's tell the truth as best we can because it helps.

For instance nobody talks much really about how this country was founded; how it lurched forward through a suicidal Civil War that befuddled everything until Martin Luther King et al came along; how we used Europe and Asia's suicidal World Wars to climb atop the cat seat to where we now gobble up as much of the malnourished Third World labor we can get to keep our pig-out life style ablaze.

Despicable. And hard to change. Almost impossible.

But as this despicable Health Bill points out -- not completely and utterly impossible, just as it was not completely and utterly impossible for the Declaration of Independence to be penned by a guy sticking it to his plantation slave girl back in Virginia.

Somehow (God knows how) we do (despicably) move forward bit by tiny, brutal bit. After all our poor, wavering President is black (and that matters, despite his failures); our Secretary of State is a woman (so was the last one, not to mention African American). Sure, both these woman (and our black President) carry out despicable policy 95% of the time (maybe 100%), but the fact that they are there (rather than us spoiled, arrogant white guys) means something. Not much, but something.

So let's get on with this nasty business of being human on this generally inhuman journey. Let's admit what it is that we've done in this democracy, so profoundly corrupted from its cruel and confused inception onwards. Let's continue to cry out and fight for what it is we want, what it is we believe, what it is we hope someday will actually be and...

Let's vote this damn, sick Health Bill into existence and keep right on moving towards some real health in this nasty, real world.