09/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

I Did Not Lose to that Man . . . Mr. Obama

I'm sorry, but the theories elsewhere on this site that Hillary Clinton showed "exemplary grit and class" or that "it is no longer up to her" are preposterous.

Hillary managed to make voting for Obama sound like taking Cod Liver Oil rather than like following the most inspirational politician of his generation.

She did not address the two grievances that are being voiced by the Hillary dead-enders: that she really won and that Obama is unqualified.

In baseball they talk about tipping your hat to someone who beats you. Hillary did not tip her hat to Obama. Meanwhile her attack dog Wolfson continues to fight the battle, as Chris Matthews first said, like the Japanese soldiers who continued to fight World War II on islands in the Pacific long after Japan had surrendered.

Hello. You lost.

Moreover, if there was a word of praise for Obama, I missed it. Remember that Hillary seemed to say during the campaign that McCain is qualified and Obama is not. It was her job to undo some of that kitchen sink damage and she did not even try.

The ball is still squarely in her court.

UPDATE: Bill Clinton spent significant time on each of these points, to his great credit. He admitted that Obama won, not that he is a better person, that he won. Bill Clinton also made it clear that he believes Obama is the man for the job, not just our only remaining sane choice, as Hillary would have it.

Either he believes it or it is, as my wife Melissa said, mainly that he is a better politician. In any event, it was good to hear.