05/22/2006 03:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Iran Policy: Crazy and Crazier

Am I missing something here, regarding the Bush Administration's latest ploy on Iran -- namely the plan to install ten antimissile interceptors at a European site by 2011 to stop nuclear (and conventional) missile attacks by Iran against the US and its European allies? Let me figure this one out -- Iran will attack Europe with nuclear weapons and then cross the Atlantic and bomb America with H-bombs and will somehow come out of this whole conflict the victor? I think not. If Iran dropped a single nuclear weapon on Europe or the US (and only one bomb is all it will have in 6-10 years according to the CIA), it would be wiped out in about two minutes by a US/British/French nuclear retaliation which would decimate every inch of the country and turn it into radioactive wasteland for centuries. Same for any conventional missile attacks. Even under a Hitler-like Ayatollah, I doubt Iran would do something so totally self-destructive and suicidal because, unlike Ben Laden terrorists, Iranians have something to preserve -- namely their own nation. Bush's scheme is not only a study in strategic ignorance but will result in the expenditure of billions of American taxpayer dollars for an utterly nonsensical goal.