12/19/2006 01:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Snow Blind

Given what we've seen of late, it's safe to say that White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has given up on being credible, and will simply say whatever he has to -- no matter how outlandish -- just to get through a briefing.

Take today, for example. The Washington Post had a fairly starting front-page piece explaining that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are unanimous in their opposition to a White House escalation plan for the war in Iraq. Naturally, Snow told the press corps that the White House and the Joint Chiefs don"t disagree at all.

The White House said Tuesday that increasing U.S. troops in Iraq is an option under consideration and denied that there are differences with the Joint Chiefs of Staff over that idea. [...]

"I think people are trying to create a fight between the president and the Joint Chiefs when one does not exist," Snow said at a White House briefing.... "What I'm saying is this budding narrative of the president locking horns with the joint chiefs is tonally inaccurate."

Here's a situation in which the top uniformed leaders in the military believe Bush has no defined mission for Iraq, believe Bush is looking at "doubling down" because he can't think of anything else to do; and have taken a "firm stand" in opposition to the White House escalation plan. On top of all of this, the approach apparently advocated by the White House, the Joint Chiefs said, would likely make already-nightmarish conditions in Iraq worse. If this doesn't constitute a conflict between the Joint Chiefs and the president, what would?

Snow's up-is-down detachment from reality is getting a little embarrassing. OK, more than a little.