08/20/2012 07:16 am ET Updated Oct 20, 2012

Touring Post-Olympic Britain

The Olympics have wrapped, but the UK summer isn't ready to hand itself over to the endless, drizzling fall quite yet. Now that we know just how awesome the Olympic Village is, it's easy to imagine that London will need to send the brute squad to evict their high profile tenants.

When they do, backpackers won't be the only ones searching for the next jolt of excitement in the UK. Rather than limiting yourself to England, where prices will still be high, check out what else the UK has to offer. A glance at the calendar reveals a full slate of festivals, concerts and performances throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in August and early September.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo, August 3-25: They aren't using the word "tattoo" in the way you're imagining. This is actually a series of military performances, including dancing, marching and reenactment. Think "pageantry" rather than "celebration of war." The Military Tattoo features explosions, kilts and bagpipes -- plus it takes place at Edinburgh's historic castle. What more could you ask?

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 3-27: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (often called the Fringe Fest) is no big thing. It's just, y'know, the largest arts festival in the world... so, essentially, the Olympics of creativity. Theater, comedy, dance and a guy doing backflips on stilts while juggling fire are all on the docket. With street performers peppered across Princes Street, there is never even a dull nanosecond.

Speed of Light (Edinburgh), August 9-September 1: The Speed of Light actually is an Olympic event of sorts: it's one of Scotland's artistic contributions to the London games. During a series of nighttime happenings, choreographed walkers and runners will animate the side of a hill with glow-sticks and LEDs. Does that make it sound kind of rave-y, a touch bizarre and totally unique? Exactly.

Belsonic (Belfast), August 15-26: This festival/concert series hybrid is held at the Belfast Custom House Square and features performances by Skrillex, David Guetta, Noel Gallagher, Paramore, James Morrison and others. It's sure to be loud, big, wild and fun.

Green Man Festival, August 17-19: A less drug-heavy, more family friendly version of Burning Man, Green Man is a weekend long festival held at Brecon Beacons National Park. This year's lineup features Mogwai, Feist and a dude you might have heard of named Van Morrison.

Glass Butter Beach, August 17-18: Damn, Wales, why are you jamming everything into one big weekend? Glass Butter Beach is a surf, skate, wakeboard, BMX, music, DJ, comedy, beach festival. Sound busy? It is. Sound exciting? Did we mention Grandmaster Flash will be there?