07/15/2012 09:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who's Really Ahead Now: Latest Obama vs. Romney Results

Mitt Romney must have dusted off his AC/DC record collection, pulled out the Peavey stack and began cranking up the volume. Coliseum-filling volume.

Two weeks ago we tallied up which candidate was really ahead based on overall web-wide consensus. At the time it showed Obama at 53 percent vs. 47 percent for Romney.

Our latest tally, July 15, showed Romney gaining a percentage point overall. Now it's Obama at 52 percent and Romney at 48 percent web-wide consensus. Here's the Web-Wide Consensus chart:


Last time we checked the social media chatter, the volume was purely in Obama's favor with him commanding 74 percent of social opinion chatter. Our latest tally shows Romney gaining some ground as 33 percent of the chatter is now about the Republican candidate. It was a key factor we think that had Obama ahead two weeks ago. As of July 15, Romney's social chatter volume for the past 30 days has gone up 25 percent while Obama's has dropped 10 percent vs. the prior 30-day period: