01/14/2014 10:53 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2014

Toward the Authentic You: Lessons From Lee, Marley, Beatles & Jobs

Connecting the dots. Finding the pattern. Every person has the journey from what they think others expect and who they are. The ones that break out are those that get to be who they are despite the holdbacks, the obstacles, the naysayers.

Picture a Chinese guy in the late 1960s making the rounds of Hollywood. What did they see? A sidekick. Kato. See here:

Years of perseverance, frustration, and belief in what he was doing/ breaking the mold led to this:

Ditto for a new singer from Jamaica who debuted with the sounds that mimicked the popular stuff on the radio:

Coming into his own, this singer changed the world and introduced reggae to the masses:

In the 1950s, rock and roll debuted and the sound was Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. No wonder that four friends from Liverpool sounded like what they thought others wanted to hear:

Only after finding their own sound were they able to fully reach the top:

And finally, while this college dropout was always a good pitchman, here:

He finally realized later what being insanely great meant:

Be great, be yourself. Whether it's you or your company.

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