06/05/2014 01:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

House Music in the Big City

As summer warms the heart of Los Angeles again, it's time to dance. And what better place than Grand Park, right in the center of town, alongside City Hall. Curator/music producer, Eduardo Castillo, met with the nice County of LA people who are responsible for the space and presented them with the idea. They loved the idea and the Sunday Sessions were born.


"It's wonderful seeing this amazingly diverse crowd right here. From the very young to the much older and as diverse as possible." said Tati Simonian, who coordinated things with the Music Center, who are responsible for park activities. Julia Diamond, the program director for the Music Center remarked, "Last year we had DJs from all over, but this year we went for all local talent and it's been very successful."


Never at a loss for words, DJ Patricio, raved:

I'm in a glow and in awe to have the honor of being part of such an amazing labor of love! Proud to be an Angelino when I see the city allowing us to bring our music to the Park. The energy was contagious and high vibrations were spilling out all over the place. This one definitely goes into the books as one of my favorite gigs ever!

And there's more to come...