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My Girlfriend Committed Suicide Owing Sallie Mae. I Co-Signed.

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Dear Steve,

In 2008 my girlfriend at the time committed suicide. I had co-signed on her student loan. With her loss I had to file for bankruptcy due to other financial obligations we had.

My question is can Sallie Mae deny me online access to my account due to the bankruptcy? I just find it hard to believe that I am working at paying this loan off and they are denying me access to my information.


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Dear Jim,

That is certainly a traumatic experience.

Can Sallie Mae deny you online access? Sure, they are not under any obligation I am aware of to provide online access if they make the account information available to you via some other means.

It was unclear if you filed a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy has been fully discharged then it seems like access to your online account should be restored.

However, Salle Mae and other private lenders have been more lenient lately about fully discharging the obligation of the co-signer when the student dies.

If you have not already done so I would advise you to pickup the phone and call Sallie Mae and specifically ask about restoring your online access and the process to forgive the loan on the death of the student. Push them politely and ask for a supervisor if the initial response is lacking.

If you still run into troubles after that then get back in touch with me.

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