07/16/2013 11:01 am ET Updated Sep 15, 2013

The Village and the Box: Chapter 3

Once upon a time, there was a village who unknowingly slept under the spell of enchantment that poured through a Box. Powerful magicians prayed before the Luminosity, a group of proclaimed elite, whom thought themselves better and of right, to receive the incantations through which the boxes cast spells and brought the Villagers to slumber...

... The growers of the villages who once graced all food, found excitement through the Box, which made promise of ever greater bounties. Magical seeds offered through the potions were told to grow with haste, hold more light and yield great talent. Soon after, all growers who took heed found their soil with disease and plants of barren seeds which would grow no more. Small Flying-natures, which once brought blossom to the land now flew in confusion, worked not and found death on the ground. Food that once brought spark to the eye and lean to the health, now gave great suffering for which only potions could give cure. Gone were the days of Self-healing. The Potions of the Box now told of health through new ways.

From these new ways, learned the Villagers, there came a new fear called "Concerns." Troubling, as was the distress, the Concerns lingered on and made distrust of the self. The young fell quick to this ailment as did many elders. Many whom took part in the potion of cure seemed to weaken.

To soften these Concerns, the Luminosity made favor with certain Strong of the village to whom most looked for guidance. In turn, the Strong were given favor, talents and offered dominion. The Strong, with such, grew special powers and soon listened not to the Villagers' pleas to whom they had once pledged to serve. The spell was now complete as Villagers walked in sleep and all others gave toil in receipt of talents and favor under the Luminosity system.

The Luminosity organized, liken to the spider's web, a design so clever the eye could see not. This web entrapped its prey and with poisonous bite, lulled its victim to sleep whilst it was eaten alive. Each strand of the web was thoughtfully designed to signal of those attempting to flee or make of an undoing of the web's power to entrap. Clever was the Luminosity in their ability to bring compromise to the moral, shame to the courageous and ridicule to the wise. Deception and confusion hid the sleeping spell from view and all who organized and controlled it.

On rare occasions Villagers called Adventurers, would leave the familiar in search of the Greater-meaning they felt from within and that of which they knew, the Box spoke not there of. The further they traveled from the village and the Box, the greater the peace and stillness was true to them.

Distress ever present, had now faded. Concerns were no more. "Rays of the joyous light" returned to their eyes. The Adventures felt a new wonderment about life and a great reverence for all that connected it. They rejoiced in this deep knowing and felt haste to awaken fellow Villagers whom they now knew, were of-the-Forgetting.

The Adventurers returned to the village. They spoke of a renewing of the breath, stillness of the mind and of a body Godly aligned with soul. Wise were the words of love and peace, spoke the Adventurers. Soon, the Villagers turned from the Box and more toward their within.

Soon, the wizards and witches sold fewer and fewer potions. Talents, once held by the Luminosity, found no root and made return back to the Villagers. Bitter was felt now through which the Box did speak, and spoke as it did, it was heard no more.

Within the village, soon thereafter, attention returned to the breath, feelings of compassion for another and that of Heart-listening. Music of the Divine soon was known throughout the land and returned all minds to the Within-love. Many of the Luminosity, magicians, wizards and witches, tired of their wars now lost, found surrender in such love and brought change to their ways. Frozen and those who changed not, brought diseases unto themselves of which there was great pain and no cure.

The Music of the Divine brought clearing to the heart and offered all with grace, a repentance from which shame and guilt would be no more. With this new Heart-peace, all did now see the heaven on earth that was meant to be. The Better-morrow of which legend did speak, found now new life in the heart of the Villagers.

One by one, the glistening returned to the eyes of all. The smiles and of-Good-Cheer spread through all cross-talk, which now did begin. All found good neighbor, as fear had now passed. Still were the minds of Villagers who now spoke without words. The Within-voice returned, and with grace did speak of love and wisdom. Actions of truth soon there followed. Peace was found from The-Within and at home. Wars were no more.

With breath, brought light. With light, brought thoughts of love. With love, brought actions of great peace. Balance found itself and joy was known by all. Wise-thought spoke to the Soul-self. Lies of the within or those told to the without, were no more. Stillness brought clarity from which energy found new direction. With Self-will, imaginings brought with haste, all desires to come to life. Time and space were intertwined, as boundaries were no more. Such was the trust that love did bring.

All were cared for and plenty was now as So. All Need-thoughts faded from the mind. Replaced were they by only what was most lovingly desired, the-Heart-Callings. Wanderers of all sorts found loving refuge, were given food of life-spark, made real of their inner dreams and lived as one with all. People of the Force and those battle worn, now found peace through which their service brought only love and kindness. Violence was no more. Seen as all, Brothers and Sisters were know as One.

Mothers again brought breast to the mouths of their hungering babes and rosy were now their cheeks. The Growers woke now early to give reverent prayer to the earth and praise to the small natures (those both flying and walking) who connected all life to give life. Magical seeds were no more. With clean air and water, nature grew from itself and thus sprang to the sky bringing the greatest of harvest and Life-spark. All food was now in harmony with the-Mother-Nature and thus sang praise, all living creatures. Great Light, lean-of-body and good health did soon result. Poor health, which few did know, quickly did pass as the body now found healing from The-Within.

Those of the Luminosity, wizards, witches and magicians found great humble, or brought themselves to no more. The Luminosity could feed no longer from the energy they did steal, a distant memory they became. From the soil, did they now give birth to a new loving light which fed the earth. Transformed from greed and cruelty were they now formed, seedlings of a greater love.

Goodness and love did now reign over earth. The Villagers brought joining with their brothers and sisters of the stars. Travel to distances was made haste through Deep-thought. As was imagined, so it was. The Villagers, through questions of the-Loving-Good, had found the Path Of Truth. With life, each had found the Innocence and lived to travel the stars. Avatars were they now, who spread the seeds of love and awakenings to galaxies and beyond.

The Kingdom of the Within and of the Without, once lost, found now union. Each heart now gave life to the Divine-Plan, and so it was, that The-Allness and Oneness found their complete.

Chapter 3 of 3... to be continued