11/13/2006 08:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Journeys With George - Part Two.

This won't be the first time that George Bush will have an up-close and personal relationship with one of the Pelosi clan.

It was the 2000 election that first exposed George Bush to the charm and skills of a woman named Pelosi - but it wasn't Nancy. Political groupies should remember that there is a remarkable documentary called "Journeys with George", directed by Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy's daughter.

Pelosi, who was traveling with the candidate for NBC News - began to record personal diary segments on her handheld DV camera during the campaign. Pelosi - with her trademark purple glasses - engaged in a complicated relationship with George, and chronicled that relationship on film. "Journeys" represents, in my mind, the only truly unguarded images of Candidate Bush. Pelosi shot him relentlessly, and Bush - who clearly knew that she was the Minority Leader's daughter - turned on the charm.

I know Democrats who fault the film for not 'going for the jugular' - but I'm not one of them. Watching the film again - as I have since the 2004 election - there is so much to be learned about Bush and his tactics. Pelosi, to her credit, didn't make a political film, but instead a remarkably honest portrayal of Bush and his drive to win over even the most ardent critics. The highlight of this can be seen when Candidate Bush tries to convince the young Pelosi to vote for him. It's clear he thinks he has a shot. Was that naiveté? Or was it a moment of pure politics - with Bush willing to ask anyone - even the daughter of a leading democrat - for their vote. It was in my mind, impressive political gamesmanship.

But one thing we do know - every frame of "Journeys with George" - both the images that played on the big screen and the out-takes, have been dinner table conversation for the Pelosi family.

There's no doubt that "Journeys with George" didn't hurt George Bush. The film was warmly received by republicans and the source of a few good belly laughs for democrats. But unlike "Fahrenheit 9/11" - which was a brilliant polemic - " Journeys with George" was a film that could have changed politics, if we had been paying attention. The fact that he was charming and funny didn't diminish the politics. When Alexandra asked Bush at a press conference about the Death Penalty in Texas - he called the question "below the belt" and shut off her access (and therefore her film) until she had been taught a lesson. The man with all the charm could turn it off just as easily as he turns it on. It should have been a telling moment - if we were paying attention.

So now - it's round two for "Journey's with George". And the woman with the self-proclaimed "Mommies Voice" is walking into the lion's den with her eyes wide open.

One can only imagine: "Oh, hi Nancy - how's Alexandra?" Pelosi: "She's terrific, thanks for asking Mr. President. Now - let's talk about Iraq." With her keen sense of politics, and four years that have passed since "Journeys with George" was released - Nancy knows better than anyone in America just what she's up against.

Forewarned is forearmed.