02/24/2015 08:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

At the Oscars, It's Always About the Gowns But What About the Shoes!

Everyone talks about the gorgeous gowns and you see all the sparkling jewelry on the celebrities as they walk down the red carpet at the Oscars but what about the shoes! The problem is since the fashion experts can't see the shoes everybody is wearing they get left out. The only time a shoe had its 15 seconds of fame during the entire show was in the beginning when Ann Kendrick threw one of her Jimmy Choo shoes across the stage. Maybe the reason nobody talks about shoes is because you cannot see them under the gowns and out of sight out of mind. But we all know that under those gorgeous gowns are feet that are walking in designers shoes such as Malono Blahnik, Badgley Mischka, Christian Louboutin and as we know Jimmy Choo just to name a few.

However, choosing your shoes is the single most important decision one makes when deciding what to wear. Because, when the evening is over your feet will tell you how much fun you had or how long you were able to last. No matter whom you are if you're invited to go to the Oscars or any special event you want to wear your favorite designer's shoes. It is part of the uniform but after a long day of walking, standing, partying and waiting for your limo you probably cannot wait to take the damn shoes off. Your arches can start to hurt, the balls of your feet will begin to burn, your toes may begin to cramp, blisters can form and your legs can get tired.

Since feet come in different sizes and shapes finding the perfect shoe for an evening such as the Oscars or any event can be a daunting task. The wrong pair of shoes can make the whole evening a very uncomfortable experience.

Here are a few helpful tips to follow when trying to figure out what shoe to wear for any special event you attend and how to speed up the recovery after a long day on your feet. Make sure the toe box of the shoe is high and wide enough so the tops of your toes will not rub, get pinched or form blisters. If the shoe is not wide enough the great toe joint can get red and irritated. Regardless of what heel height you are wearing after a long day the muscles in the legs and arch of your foot can fatigue, cramp and spasm. By placing an arch support in the arch of your shoes it can instantly take pressure off the balls of your feet, balance the muscles in the arch of the foot and eliminate the chance of any type of muscle problems in your legs and feet.

Soaking your feet after you get home in warm water and adding some herbal bath salts can sooth your feet too and if you're lucky enough to have someone massage your feet afterwards it would be a win win!

So when the event is over and you take your shoes off for good, although to the fashion experts it's was all about the gowns, it's really about the shoes!