03/29/2012 12:49 pm ET Updated May 28, 2012

You Don't Mess With Mr. Byng: A Two Minute Story

We are all busy humans living out our daily lives and it is hard to sit down and actually read a full-length book. With that in mind, here is a quick story that you can enjoy and will take you less than two minutes to read. Let's begin!


It was Grade 4 and our teacher, Mr. Byng, walked in and stood at the front of the class. He was big, bulky, and, I'm not kidding, looked like Hulk Hogan. He even had the handle bar moustache and everything! I even think I saw him wear a red bandana once for Halloween. Mr. Byng was a tough and scary teacher. Not towards me -- he always enjoyed my work and I never got in trouble with him. However, I was always scared to go up to his desk at the back of the classroom to get assignments' marked by him. He was scary when he checked my work because he didn't say anything! I mean he barely made a sound as his red pen checked off correct answers and crossed off incorrect ones. I felt like every wrong answer was a stab to the chest with worry. My ears would pound with the sound of my heartbeat each time I stood by him waiting for the verdict whether I passed or not. Suffice it to say Grade 4 was the scariest year in my academic life.

Mr. Byng asked us to take out an assignment sheet from our desks. Within 30 seconds all of us found it but one. His name was Eddie Dyk. Make fun of his name all you want, but that was his actual name. I don't know what was worse, having a last name properly pronounced for a man's privates or the fact that he actually had an uncle named Harry. I'll let your mind wonder that for a moment.

Eddie kept saying over and over again, "I can't find it! I can't find it!"

Mr. Byng moved ahead with the lesson, but Eddie still rummaged through his desk. Mr. Byng started getting angry and yelled at Eddie to find it. Eddie started crying.

Suddenly Mr. Byng shouted at Eddie to get up, he then took the desk, held it over his head, dumped all the contents onto the floor and threw the desk across the room! The desk broke in several pieces which was magically fixed by the next morning.

Mr. Byng pointed a finger at Eddie and said, "YOU FIND IT!"

You could hear a pin drop in that room, we barely made a sound as Mr. Byng sighed and then continued with the lesson.

And that's why you don't mess with Mr. Byng.


Author's Note:

I generally prefer to write fiction as it allows my mind to wander, however it's sometimes the memories of childhood that ring more prominent and universal. I can honestly say that yes, the above story is a true story. Mr. Byng was my Grade 4 teacher and he literally looked liked Hulk Hogan. I have a photo of him somewhere. However, it is lost in the boxes upon boxes of childhood memories at my parent's home. Someday I will post it online for all to see.

This brings me to the obvious fact here, in today's standards Mr. Byng's actions would be questionable and almost a fireable offense. But I will pull the Older Age Card and say, that was never an issue back then. As far as I knew Mr. Byng was never penalized for what he did and he went on to teach many more classes after I had long graduated high school. I don't know where he ended up, but I know he is not teaching at my old elementary school anymore. So, my question to you dear reader is this: Have you ever had a scary teacher like Mr. Byng? Do you think that his behavior would be tolerated today? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know what you think of the story!

As always I remain, obediently yours.

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