05/02/2014 11:09 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2014

Reasons Given for Economic Inequality Are Meritless

Americans agree economic inequality has grown, but don't agree on why. That's according to a new Pew Research article that gives varying reasons. A closer look into what those polled on the issue said reveals these are more excuses rather than reasons. Beyond that, it's nothing more than another attempted assault against the wealthy. Middle-class Americans would be better served using their mental energy to create wealth instead of playing the blame game.

The reasons cited have no merit.

Tax System

Everyone abides by the same tax system. Yes, the tax laws of '86 favor business owners and those who show an intent to make a profit, because they can legitimately write off losses to a certain extent. Owning a business is the fastest way to world-class wealth, but anyone can start a business, and now is one of the greatest times in America to start your own business.


Greed is good and everyone is greedy to some extent. Who doesn't want more? Who doesn't want a better way of life? Greed is a motivator that can help you earn a lot more money. Calling rich people greedy, however, is unfair when many of the world's wealthiest people donate millions to charity every year.

It Takes Money to Make Money

That's true, but money is available to anyone with a good idea. While the middle class utters comments like "I can't afford it," it is very possible to create an idea that you are unable to finance and then proceed to use other people's money to make it happen. There's always a rich person looking for great investments and superior performers to make those investments profitable.


There are many successful immigrants, and that's because they have a work ethic like no other to live the American dream that wasn't available to them previously. But blaming immigrants is lame. We have a leg up on immigrants in that we know the language and the culture. All we need to do is become as obsessed with success as they are.

The Internet

What a foolish excuse! There are many successful online businesses, but the same Internet that's available to those who have made their fortune online is available to the rest of us.

Weaker Unions

Terrible excuse! Unions are another archaic American institution that served a purpose in a bygone era and should to be buried with the dead. Union workers have become spoiled with inflated wages, tenure, and guaranteed work based on every factor outside of job performance and results. The abuse of power is now coming from the unions instead of employers. The future belongs to the states who become Right to Work states, where unions have no power and cannot bully businesses into hiring workers simply because they live in the neighborhood and pay dues.

Recession/General Economy

The rich are still getting richer because most of them earn their money in the financial markets which have rebounded nicely, while the average American depends on jobs and home equity for their wealth. You can't blame the economy because right now the streets are paved with gold. For example, corporate America is sitting on trillions of dollars in cash, and they are searching desperately for help dealing with unprecedented problems around leadership, customer service, strategic planning, team building, incentive compensation structure and more. The money is there for those who can solve these problems.

More self-made millionaires will begin to emerge as the middle class stops making excuses and realizes there's a world of opportunity out there. Now is the best time to strike it rich in America.