01/09/2009 01:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Crazy Congresswoman Claims America Anti-American

Claiming "it just saves time," Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) on the "I Don't Have a Dog in This Race Unless You Count My Pit Bull McCain" segment of Bill O'Reilly's Factor called America and "pretty much all Americans, anti-American."

Bachmann, who last week said "Barack Obama has anti-American views" and called on the media to "conduct investigations into the anti-American activities of members of Congress," has ramped up the rhetoric for what she calls "efficiency's sake."

"I was spending so much time singling out people and segments of the population who are probably anti-American," said Bachmann, "I found that I didn't even have the time to attend my Communists Are Hiding Under My Bed meetings. So I figured I'd just hit them all at once and weed out the real Americans later."

Bachmann, who has gotten into trouble to the point that the Republican National Committee pulled their backing in her re-election effort, isn't deterred from their withdrawal of financial support.

"What would you expect from those anti-Americans at the RNC," said Bachmann. "Who do you think got all the un-American Republicans elected."

Bachmann distanced herself from Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, who had said at a fundraiser that she loved to visit "pro-America" areas of the country--"small towns" where "hard working" people are "very patriotic."

"Governor Palin seems to think there are parts of this great country of ours that are still pro-American. I wouldn't expect anything less from someone living so close to the USSR, which I might remind you, is about as un-American a country as you can get. Hopefully there'll come a day when Russians to can live in their country free of all un-Americans."

Bachmann also named every college all-American player in every sport as anti-American, "especially soccer" which she said, "isn't an American sport to begin with."