01/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Guilty : A Sample Chapter From Ann Coulter's Newest Soon-To-Be Bestseller*

2008-12-30-CoulterGuilty.jpg I was able to access an excerpt from Ann Coulter's soon to be released, Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault On America


Chapter 14

Liberals Use So-Called Sick Children To Create Budget Deficits


Kids with Terminal Cancer Are Sucking the Life out of America!

As I mentioned in chapter 13, Michael Savage had a good point when he said that autistic kids were just "brats." But not as bratty as terminally ill children who use their sickness to get attention.

I have never seen children enjoying their incurable diseases so much. It seems to be all the rage for little whiners of want with so-called "terrible illnesses" to try and turn their maladies into some sort of cause-celeb begathon for medicines and research to cure their condition or relieve their pain. Okay, you have an irreversible disease. So did Al Capone. It doesn't make you some kind of martyr. And liberals are so Guilty (re: the name of this book), fall for their con and the rest of us real Americans end up paying. What happened to the liberals cowardly Vietnam War mantra of "why keep spending good money after bad?"

First of all, we call these conditions "terminal" for a reason. Spending time and good money on a cure for something terminal seems be a rather wasteful use of good research that might be better used for curing something curable. Say, like Liberalism.

Prior to getting leukemia or malignant tumors -- or whatever it is they say they have -- these children didn't seem to have a single problem with disease, much less expecting the rest of America to take time away from creating a strong economic base for healthy kids to take

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*The excerpted chapter may have been made up based on the thought processes imbedded in Ann's previous writings.

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