04/23/2009 08:52 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Henican Beats The Bleep Out Of O'Reilly (Video Included)

If it were a boxing match, it would have been stopped. Bill O'Reilly kept trying to clinch, interrupting nearly every sentence Fox News contributor, Ellis Henican threw that wasn't going the way Bill wanted - which was pretty much every one of them. Bill O'Reilly was bloodied to the point he had to be bleeped - "torture, my ass." The only thing that saved Bill was the commercial bell.

"Stop, just answer my questions," Bill said as he stopped Henican from answering one of his questions.


They were discussing torture, though Bill refused to call it that, which Ellis called him on. Bill had done what every right wing talk show has done this week when discussing the recently released Bush torture memos - minimize the torture as mere fraternity horseplay, saying that it is only Henican's "opinion" that waterboarding is torture.

I'm sure the Japanese wish Bill was in charge of their trial when they were convicted for torturing our guys with SEE AND READ THE GORY DETAILS OF THE HENICAN-O'REILLY BLOODFEST HERE.