02/03/2009 08:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Filling The Hot Spot At MSNBC: Stephanie Miller?

With an east coast evening lineup presently at 50% repeat level - Matthews (rerun), Olbermann, Maddow, Olbermann (rerun) - the suits at the General Electric's cable baby have finally decided to stick in a bit of originality right behind Ms Maddow. The big drinking game around the MSNBC Superbowl Party centered around who (or what?) should anchor the 10-11 slot at the Big M.

My vote has always been for an out and out comedy, taking a 3000 Mystery Science Theater approach to the O'Reilly Factor. Then again, perhaps just running the no-spinster with no modification would be zanier. The truth is funnier than fiction approach. Then again, Olbermann already does that with all the Lords of Loud.

When Don Imus was discarded from the morning MSNBC lineup, the network ran a weekly series of live auditions with a star-studded Chorus Line that I remember as including such luminaries as Philly talker Michael Smerconish, Vegas muscleman Carrot Top and former Los Angeles Dodger manager, Wil I. Am, with former standup Joe Scarborough winning the slot. But that was the morning and no one really watches morning television except for infants still waiting a change and housewives awaiting the young Latino gardener. This is prime time TV. On the east coast the show and host will go head to head with Leno...and everywhere else, former hand model, Greta Van READ THE REST OF THE POSSIBLE REVEAL HERE

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