03/06/2007 10:02 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Party Of Ann

Even with Michael Moore disappearing from publicity or Democratic Convention view, the Talk Show Right still loves to label the Democrat (sic) Party "The Party of Michael Moore." Why not? It's a classic. Associating someone or something with your rival, who you know your base will hate, works.

And while we're talking about something that people hate: Ann Coulter.

No need to go through the plethora of Ann's detester d'object cred...but just to bring you up to snuff, last night on Hannity & Colmes, Ann explained that the word "faggot" was not a demeaning slang for gays, but a "schoolyard" term used by kids to humiliate other kids. See? Now it's funny.

Why liberals and 99.9% of West Hollywood didn't get the "joke" the way Ann meant it can probably be traced to their lack of getting beat up enough in the schoolyard.

Is there now any doubt that the Republican Party is wholly familiar with Ann's other hysterical schoolyard jokes, like 9/11 widows being "self-obsessed women...enjoying their husbands' deaths" or her "raghead" reference at previous CPAC conference? Yet they still invite her to pump up the CPAC crowd. And she is still guest-staple throughout the Fox News (sic) Network.

They love the girl and her "schoolyard" jokes." It's time to remind the voter that they do. Everyday. Every way.

From now on, when talking about the Republican Party or their candidates, let's call them like they are...


They deserve each other.

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