07/14/2014 03:29 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2014

Priceless Advice

"Life's not about what happens to you, it's about with what you do with what happens to you." According to the New York Times, Chelsea Clinton often proffers this pearl of wisdom in her high-priced speeches.

Being a president's daughter is what happened to her, but earning $600,000 a year at NBC is what she did with what happened to her. Millard Fillmore had two daughters who, like Chelsea, had no broadcast experience. But unlike Chelsea, they did not do much with what happened to them and failed to capitalize on their inexperience.

Chelsea never had the opportunity to study business, but what did she do about it? At age 32 She joined Barry Diller's board and began pocketing a $300,000 annual fee. A lot of people know nothing about business. This is what happened to them. But they don't they do much with what happened to them, such as joining a board that pays $300,000? Call it initiative, gumption or perseverance -- Chelsea has it and they don't.

Chelsea's parents have been paid over $100 million for speeches over the past decade. This is what happened to her. What did Chelsea do with what happened to her? She beat her parents on price. According to the Times, Bill and Hillary charge between $200,000 and $700,000 per speech whereas Chelsea charges only $75,000.

This is inspiring illustration of what Chelsea does with what happens to her. And everyone benefits. Now if you want meaningless drivel from a Clinton, you can buy it from Chelsea at a 90 percent discount.