The Media Must Report - NOT Debate - Whether Barack or Hillary is Winning

I want to congratulate the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams for doing such a thorough job reporting the true, 9.4 percent (not "double digits") nature of Hillary Clinton's win in Pennsylvania on last night's news. You can see the two graphics they used below.

(For the record, CBS News did a terrible job, just saying "Hillary Clinton's ten point win in the Pennsylvania primary has given her campaign new life and new money...", and ABC News did almost as poor a job, saying "Hillary Clinton argues her nearly 10 point victory over Barack Obama shows she's more electable..." while showing a graphic with 55 percent and 45 percent in big numbers, and the vote totals below them... the same vote totals that -- if you did the math -- worked out to the true, 9.4 percent win.)

I am highlighting this "truth in reporting" issue again, because this afternoon I actually saw the folks on MSNBC debating - not just reporting - Hillary Clinton's attempt to redefine "winning the nomination contest" as "the person with the most votes to their name - no matter how those votes were cast" (meaning, even the votes she got in Michigan).

This story is pure, 100 percent, George Bush-level redefining reality to suit your purposes behavior on the part of Hillary and her campaign.

And what does the mainstream media do about it? Well, so far, it treats it like a real story... like a "reality" that just might be true.

Watching people debate whether Hillary's version of reality could be true or not... rather than seeing an anchor person simply report "Hillary and her campaign are trying to claim they are winning when, in actuality, they are not."... just provides me with more evidence of the mainstream media's "stupidity factor"... something I wrote about in my commentary on last week's ABC News debate.

If the media is going to turn Hillary Clinton saying she is winning -- based on some completely fabricated logic system that holds no relationship to the truth -- into a debatable issue, then the media might as well pack up their sound trucks and go home. They will have proven themselves incapable of doing their job... which is to help the citizens of America be informed, not dumbed down.

In the inimitable words of Donald Trump, we, the people of the United States, may just have to say to the mainstream media.... "You're fired."