11/25/2013 05:43 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Out-of-Control Mayor and Village Board in Monticello Need to Resign

In the Village of Monticello, it just seems to get worse and worse, stupider and stupider.

Every week, the absurd gets more absurd.

Residents there recently woke up to open the paper and look at Mayor Jenkins' latest mug shot. The day before NYC news stations were camped out at the Monticello Diner, interviewing locals for the story too.

Then they were enlightened by an article about a number of good, civic-minded people in Monticello calling for Mayor Jenkins' resignation in light of his third arrest during his reign of stupidity in Monticello.

Of course at first glance, any normally-thinking person in Monticello would agree.

Then, if that wasn't bad, there's more.

The Daily Beast listed Jenkins as one of the "9 Lousy Mayors Who Aren't Rob Ford," the alleged crack-using, whore-dibbling mayor of Toronto who is the latest idiotic politician to a la Anthony Weiner come under public scrutiny for his personal failings.

So yeah, Jenkins should do the right thing and resign. No more allegations of racism, no more recriminations and firings, no more acting like fool. Let someone be a real Village Manager and start managing Monticello properly.

Monticello is a huge mess, and with casino gaming a true reality after 50 years of waiting, it's time to clean up the horribly cesspool of corruption and malfeasance in the Monticello Village Hall.

It's nothing more than a knock-off version of municipal government where taxpayers dollars are being misspent and plundered.

With the recent passage of the Casino Referendum in New York State, residents there are hoping for one, even two casinos to be built outside of the village.

Well, do you think this publicity, this utter embarrassment, helps in the selection process or encourages even more developers to come to Sullivan County? Do some preliminary due diligence like they would. It's not pretty.

It's common knowledge that the books are a huge mess in Monticello. Roads and infrastructure deteriorate while inordinate legal fees are paid to a crony Village Attorney. Code enforcement is a joke, with a clown running around in a uniform and a cop car with lights.

Jeez, the police don't even have heat in the police station.

Just drive down Route 42 and look at that big pile of toxic crap that used to be the Village Justice Court building, just sitting there.

That's last month's fiasco where the contractor for the village, who can now sit next to the Defendant Jenkins in court, was caught illegally dumping the debris.

And no one is now cleaning it up.

You think it would still be there if it were Manhattan, New Paltz or Woodstock?

Yes, it's time for Jenkins to resign and the clean up to begin in Monticello.

Three arrests is enough.

If he really cares about the people he serves, stop bring terrible national attention to Monticello with your personal and political failings. Get out of Monticello. Go live in Georgia and begin a new life.

In fact, it's time for the entire Village Board to resign too.

Not just Jenkins, every one of them, Jenkins' girlfriend, who he appointed after a trustee was convicted of trying to fix the appointment of a friend with a felony record to the police department, included.

They are a truly stupid dysfunctional group of public officials that do nothing but fight like they are on a Jerry Springer show. They are just a big a joke, an embarrassment like Jenkins.

Yep, all of them need to do the right thing and let someone else take over.

Finally, where the hell is Albany?

It's time for the state to come in with some kind of super control board to take over and clean up the mess.

How long does it take for state public officials to declare an emergency, how much hard earned tax dollars need to keep being wasted on corruption and graft?

It's truly time to clean up the Village of Graft, and allow the Catskills to begin to rebuild too.

Watch Film of Mayor Jenkins While Handcuffed in Monticello Police Station