08/18/2011 08:52 am ET Updated Oct 17, 2011

And the Meme Goes On

You can't fault the corporate-owned media for doing what comes naturally, which is to hammer the points which paint any perceived impediments to their revenue stream (like regulation, for instance) in a bad, bad light. It's certainly easier than convincing most people that what they actually stand for is good for the country; even the most easily swayed Tea Party bumpkin, who has already demonstrated his useful idiocy in spades, would spit out the bitter tasting crap the corporations try to pass off as milk.

But the good thing about being an arrogant, greedy, bully is that eventually it trips up and reveals its intentions in a pathetically clumsy blurt, lacking the essential humanizing ingredients of imagination and humility to come off looking entirely convincing.

The latest crew of cockeyed "conservative" con-artists are asserting that the EPA, of all things, should be abolished (along with my favorite -- the eradication of public education -- which they broadcast in a frequency that only dogs and swine can hear). They just love seeing Indians cry (I know, I know -- Keep America Beautiful, the organization which sponsored the iconic image of "Iron Eyes" Cody, the ersatz Native American, was a way for cigarette companies to deflect responsibility for their own polluting tendencies. But why step into the endlessly digressive Möbius loop of corporate malfeasance when I'm trying to be clever and get you to like me?). It feeds into their revenge fantasies against all those godless peoples who had the audacity to assert themselves against Whitey's Manifest Destiny-whips (Manifest Destiny Whip, by the way, goes great on a chocolate subjugation sundae. Try it!).

We have no choice but to watch and hear the bleating of corporate-pwned media talking heads regurgitating their sugar daddy's talking points, interviewing the latest political stars and starlets and letting them spew their codswallop with nary a follow-up question that doesn't further cement their lips to corporate America's zit-encrusted ass. It's the snake eating its own tail but it's a long tail and a big, roomy stomach. The hope that its self-consumption will complete will take some time, it seems.

And at this point, it's more about our own hope being strangled by those corporate influences than President Obama's. The rest of the media has pretty much fallen into lockstep behind Rupert Murdoch's manure-spreaders at Fox, who have proven once again that loudly and proudly goose-stepping into a neighborhood is the most assured means of getting that neighborhood's denizens to comply with everything the ministers of propaganda outline in their electronic leaflets and let the conquering army do whatever it bloody well wishes to the shivering curs.

So, with no other viable options to compete with them, we swallow what they give us. And the call to Hope and Change, which struck our national cords three years ago with such authenticity and exhilaration, has been located, bought up like so much real estate, renovated and re-sold to the tenants as a lie that has always been a lie, a sham that has never been anything but.

In fact, according to them we were all fools to believe that we ever needed hope or change. We just need their word, their promise that it's not President Obama or progressive legislation or the will of the majority of the people, but the word which keeps those corporations -- I'm sorry, Judge Scalia -- people -- profitable and thriving and unregulated and low-taxed. Anything else would be counterproductive.

Corporations really put the "Me" in their memes.