06/14/2012 04:05 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2012

Easy to Be Hard

It's easy to break things. Much, much easier, it seems, than building them.

And so much of what's been built is, let's face it, kind of old. Even if those things still work, even if they still stand strong, all it takes for them to topple is a simple blow.


And that's something a group of likeminded folks can really get behind. Because it's fast, effective and oh so simple to do.

And it's what the folks who call themselves the GOP have utterly embraced: breaking stuff. Like The Constitution. The independence of the press. The American dream.

Our hearts.

It's also easy, apparently, to be greedy. It's so easy to hoard wealth, to virtually wring it out of the people who put their trust and their earnings into the hands of bankers who in turn happily accepted them to use for their own gains.

It's easy to lie, to declare obstruction as an aim, to thrust a steel rod in between the spokes of a wheel and stop its progress.

It's easy to fabricate scary stories about monsters and create fictional worlds in which indecency is twisted to mimic decency, treason comes off as patriotism, education is derided as snobbery, virtue is mocked, venality is rewarded, and Satan masquerades as God.

It's easy to cling together in the safety and knowledge that you are finally getting something---anything---done, that a palpable alliance has been forged. With precious little empathy, with no regard for others, with no respect for history or education or the blood once spilled---and still being spilled---to preserve all that old stuff like liberty, freedom, human and civil rights.

What's hard, it seems, is living up to the expectations Democracy imposes upon those who would participate in society. What's hard is living up to the principles set down in the documents forming this nation. What's hard, it seems, is living up to the words spoken by Jesus Christ, who preached naught but love and mercy and justice and humility.

And therefore, what's incredibly easy is to declare oneself a Republican in a time when the burden of Democracy is being put squarely on the backs of those who have become the victims of such pathetic and lethal laziness.

It's like some dirty hippies once sang: it's easy to be hard.