09/18/2013 11:07 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

Howdy, Gun Owners!

Boy, things are sure crummy again. I know it's not your fault. After all, you're law-abiding, god-fearing Americans who cherish the right to bear arms as afforded by our beloved Founding Fathers who understood that in times of trouble a person should be able to protect themselves. No, it's not your fault. At all.

But, I guess there are some folks out there who are kinda spoiling things not only for you, but for lots of folks who never expected to find themselves having bullets rip away their muscles, their organs, their souls. Those irresponsible and in many cases insane people seemed to have taken a perfectly natural and constitutionally protected inclination -- to protect themselves -- and unnaturally extended that inclination into a kind of paranoid and, let's face it, lethal behavior. Heck, let's call it what it really is: bad behavior. I guess we can all agree that going out and abusing a privilege -- no, a right -- to the point where innocent people at work (or school or a movie or a shopping center or a street crossing) get killed is bad. I mean, right? Now hear me out!

I guess I'm merely curious why, after lots of incidents such as the one that just happened in D.C., why the law-abiding, god-fearing, super-responsible folks who cherish their Second Amendment rights don't seem to feel the need to address the other folks who are making the whole, you know, "gun thing" look pretty bad. It's almost like the whole "cigarette thing": the folks who manufactured those things and had spent years convincing people that smoking was not only perfectly alright, but in some cases healthy and actually recommended by folks in the medical community. After a while, so many folks were getting sick and dying as a result of smoking and believing the, frankly, disingenuous recommendations by so-called experts in doctor's tunics (Who turned out to be paid for their endorsements! Paid! Motivated by money!) that eventually fewer and fewer people smoked. There are still proud smokers, just fewer who die as a result. So, like, you know.

I'm worried that if more and more bad people use guns to massacre innocent people who don't use guns and the longer the law-abiding god-fearing, gun owners say or do little if anything to curb the paranoid and lethally bad behavior exhibited by those folks who are ruining things for, well, everybody, that people will stop using guns like they stopped smoking cigarettes. And that would be unfair.

What if the law-abiding and god-fearing gun owners actually led the way to limit access to guns by those bad, lethal apples? What if they reached across the divide and showed understanding instead of what looks a lot like paranoid and kinda arrogant disregard for the safety of your fellow Americans who haven't chosen to smoke -- I mean use guns. It's just common courtesy, as opposed to how some nervous gun folks would characterize such a gesture: weak. It's as if the good guys with guns are being stopped by the bad guys with guns.

Anyway, I was just curious. I mean, if that's okay. You guys have guns so I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea or anything.