10/05/2011 09:34 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2011

People: Get Ready

As predicted, the election of Obama definitely lit the keg the right-wing's been sitting on for some time.

As recent years have proven, everything has a saturation point. Of course, ideologues and deniers always leave themselves out of that possibility, out of the natural order of things. They deny climate is capable of change by human influence, that morality is dictated from within not from "above", that their zillionaire heroes are anything but the Ayn Randian frauds that are bent from greed and delusions of immortality.

Lacking actual creative imaginations (but mistakenly thinking "shrewd deception" is the same thing), the right-wing corporate machine may have bought up all the gullible Tea Party's concerns and transmogrified them with craven corporate cant but they are at sea when it comes to doing as much with a spreading sense among the citizenry that their days of seeming omnipotent influence may be numbered. They'll send their media narcs to infiltrate and coerce, to terrorize and threaten, but history (another item the corporate creeps have tried to buy up and re-brand) has shown again and again that when roused, truly roused, the citizenry becomes a swelling, sweeping movement, imperfect but impassioned, motivated by inalienable rights and the stark hypocrisy of those who would yoke the people in misery while they themselves profit.

You can smell the right-wing flop-sweat as their presidential candidates resemble a roomful of low-rent talent show contestants, their policies as transparently heinous as the paid dimwits who espouse them. They just hate "reg'lar" people, hence they hate this new movement. They even loathe the Tea Party, no doubt deriding them under their breaths at swanky cocktail parties and no-press-allowed benefits.

And the bullies will fight hard now, rolling everything out in advance of what could be their last moments of power, should they lose the next election. The shit sluices will be thrown open and the Obama-aimed invective will flow.

So get ready, folks. Since they own the airwaves, the revolution may not be televised. But when have revolutions ever had to be in order to triumph?