08/30/2012 08:36 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Proposition: Opposition

It's a tragedy that any credibility the conservative party ever had is being gutted in broad daylight through its unapologetic inclusion of radical right-wing thought into its platform.

Perhaps it's all for spice, given the relative creakiness of its traditional positions. But blatant intolerance, thoroughly discredited approaches to taxation, a shameful disregard for education, persistent denial of climate science and an open disdain for health care, poor people, veterans and the elderly, is only the equivalent of a big pyrotechnical display, which upon its finish, leaves only a feeling of melancholy and the tangy whiff of cordite. But what the shock and awe distracts from is the corporate-owned GOP's attempts to rewrite historical reality to fit its craven ideology and to overthrow the very thing it purports to defend: democracy.

The daily torrent of outright lies (already spouted by several speakers at this week's RNC convention), the obstruction, the barrage of BS which might have started as a mere tool in its Rovian arsenal has in fact become the party itself; the invading cancer is now the whole body.

And it's this current incarnation of false and dangerous quasi-conservatism we millions oppose.

We oppose the willful ignorance, the proud cruelty, the attack on progress, the fostered paranoia and the fulsome embrace of all which history has shown repeatedly to be Just Plain Wrong.

We oppose the conscious destruction of the middle class and repression of moderate thought.

We oppose the lack of balance in the political process.

We oppose suppression of the creative impulse and the curious intellect.

We oppose bullying, posturing, arrogance and intimidation.

We oppose all these things not only because the corporate-owned GOP wholly believes in them but because historically, ethically and morally they are destructive to individuals and societies.

If it were an issue of chemical imbalances or a quirky mutation then perhaps one would be disposed to a kind of sympathy with an eye towards finding a cure for such an ailment. But it's plain that they know exactly what they are doing, that their current positions are consciously constructed to affect maximum shock.

For, as in the most rudimentary brain washing, when people are brought to an agitated and emotionally unstable and utterly terrorized state -- such as when they are told their president is a fascist Kenyan agent of destruction or that illegal aliens are swamping our borders or that panels of stone-hearted liberals will be judging who lives and dies or that climate change is a conspiracy of liberal scientists or Sharia Law is creeping into the fabric of our society or that teachers are overpaid indoctrinators of liberal thought or that creationism is on a par with the theory of evolution or that community service is a nefarious communist pursuit or any number of even more egregious charges -- they are malleable and more than willing to accept any order from anyone resembling a trusted figure.

This all-consuming desire to win at any cost has transcended reason and now resides somewhere between insatiable power madness and barely contained fetishization. Forget Hurricane Isaac, the GOP and its unchained id is veritably awash in pheremones.

This is what the GOP has become and it is what they offer. They suggest you sin to win. We, rather, propose to oppose.