11/29/2010 09:36 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reality Re-Right

So, you're telling me that NPR, the station I listen to everyday -- the one with the stories major networks never bother to talk about anymore (world hunger; sober, incisive accounts of internationally important events; celebrations of the arts and artists, chronicler of America's ethnic diversity and stimulating, outside-the-box programming) is an evil organization?

And that The New York Times, despite its international prestige and history of excellence, its daily pastiche of almost all the human experiences fit to print is nothing but a biased, liberal bludgeon (Judith MIller's contribution to neo-con tumescence notwithstanding)?

That Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal policies which put unemployed Americans back to work, prevented the elderly from ending their lives in poverty and restored a sense of pride to the humbled and the humiliated were blights upon the national soul and paeans to Stalinist-brand socialism?

It's a brilliant, bold strategy, part of a greater one that patiently spends years studying human nature and gauging responses to deliberately provocative scenarios, then carefully sets explosive charges in the supporting struts of a cultural institution and, watching as each detonation frays a tendon which then unravels a bundle which then compromises a buttress which then buckles the foundations of a once solid structure, moves in and exploits the dislodged hopes in the resultant panic.

And while fear and confusion reign, what we think of as democracy becomes a thing of the past.

The Right's attack on all things "Liberal" (or on all things that "Just Aren't Them") is indeed an attack on the essential human ingredient that regulates over-indulgence and marginalizes conscience.

It is an attack on diversity, on progress, on science, on art, on all aspects of the modern civilized human being which has striven to make itself something more than a blindly aggressive force for profit and power.

It is an attack on sense and sanity. It decries charity and education. It views objectivity as weakness. It lauds the dumbed-down, unquestioning tribe and condemns the intellectually curious individual.

And it motivates exclusively through fear.

By editing reality and craftily using the bought-and-paid-for media to disseminate its message, the Right is steadily destroying the truth behind this nation's bulwarks of democracy, justifying its dangerous agenda. And all the blood spilled and tears shed trying to shave the rough edges from the human soul, to purge the instinct to trample rather than build and reach a loftier perch than that reserved for the terrorized, terrified brute that defined humanity's beginning...will have been for nothing.

To dismiss such a premise as conspiratorial muttering is all too easy. Yet, the appropriation of many an outlandish dystopic conceit has seemingly fueled the Right's actions for some time. Sales of Orwell and Machiavelli must be as high as those for Glenn Beck's "Sedition for Dummies" series.

They say history is written by the winners. But for the Right to triumph, they just need to be the ones holding the pen. And, for now, they are.