01/17/2012 05:34 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

The GOP: Unmasked and Undone

The Republicans have tipped their hand -- spilled it all over the floor, actually -- and demonstrated beyond doubt that they are solely dedicated to crippling any idea that Americans should have hope, that Americans should be nothing less than afraid and that history and facts are merely vague, noisy complexities, not of any real use to anyone and ultimately up for grabs.

And it is now clear that anything that comes from the Right Wing purporting to be factual analyses of social and political issues is invariably propaganda, much of it a cunning mixture of outright lies with some factual details and factoids woven into the mix to give it an air of credibility. Witness Mitt's incessant lie-stream and Fox's round-the-clock trumpeting of divisive memes, pouring into the media culture like so much bilge water.

But make no mistake: the years that comprise the Obama administration will be described as The War Years, not only for the inherited wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but as much for the war being waged on our own turf, emanating from within the think tanks and daily memos distributed by the far-reaching Right Wing machine.

The war on government being waged is fundamentally a war on Democracy. It's a war that is being waged strategically and continually and is now being fought in the open, as the GOP contenders having hogged the airwaves and congressional halls for so long that there is no way for the Right Wing to utilize its prime strategy of causing knee-jerk responses to hot-button issues -- everyone and everything's been given far too much airtime.

And even the dedicated ditto-heads and loyal Rep-bots who follow their orders without question are starting to see the holes in the repeated arguments, smell the proverbial rat; the geniuses and demagogues who profess to wage this war on behalf of their patriotic and steadfast audience are being spotted for the turncoat corporate shills they actually are, and are even seeing their reviled Obama as anything but the Socialist oppressor pig the brazen propagandists have painted him as being since he was duly elected.

But hell, this is Capitalist America and they are just doing the job for which they are well paid. They have mastered the selling of America, managing to buy up all the old fashioned version, hollow it out and resell it to a now hungry and desperate demographic.

And maybe more than a "teachable moment", this is actually an "evolution moment", where the two primordial elements that determine the course taken by a civilized society clash, naked, in a battle for dominance, all subtlety stripped away. No wonder the Right Wing has made a fetish of decrying Evolution and would put all its stock in myth rather than reality.

So now, thanks to their own overwhelming thirst for power and profit, they have exposed themselves and their aims more than they ever have. From openly stating to make Obama a one-term president, to killing all legislation, to shutting down the government, to killing social services, to selling out the middle class, to deregulating industry, and on and on and on, the Right has discarded all pretense of being at all involved in the Democratic process upon which this country was funded. They have come out in the open, at last.