01/20/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

The Most Important Election in Our Lifetime

Were an individual to demonstrate the kind of delusional, violently divisive thought and paranoid rhetoric that all of the GOP candidates -- as well as the party overall -- they'd be put under observation and found to be a danger to society.

One could say that the GOP presidential candidates are speaking as individuals, for and by themselves. But actually they embody the principles embraced by the corporate right-wing juggernaut and speak for the delusional, violently divisive and paranoid collective, never making any effort to dispel the notion that they are anything other than welcoming to a fringe and often dangerous form of political activism, one that seeks a hobbling or outright abolishment of government and the regulations that make living in a civilized, democratic society safe and prosperous for all.

But with the almost comic overexposure (for, as well as lacking genes for constructive creativity and cool there is the vacuum where the essential quality of restraint would normally be) of the weekly installments of GOP presidential debates along with the attendant hourly injections of Fox Fear Fuel into the body sociopolitic, the full extent of the right-wing corporate mentality is on display, its artifice stripped away, its essence denuded.

And in this state it is poised to pull the trigger on a form of behavior it's only hinted at in the past, threats used as incentive to force the opposition to bend.

But by the look and sound of things, it is now so driven and desperate that it will commit the ultimate act; the doom they've been foretelling with the coming of a black president will be what they themselves bring by their own hand, not only to their own tragically debased party but, if they have their way, the nation.

All presidential elections are characterized as "the most important in our lifetime". But given the corporate right's flagrant hostility toward not only the president but America's cherished and fought-for democratic principles themselves; given the scrupulous precision with which truths are turned and realities are twisted by a corporate-controlled media; given the corporate-biased majority on the Supreme Court and the string of democracy-crippling decisions it has made and seems very likely to make in future, wouldn't this election be, truthfully, the most important in our lifetime?