03/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The War on Hope

If, as Arianna Huffington has stated in her own recent blog, and as I and many others have as well, recounting the frustration with President Obama's seeming impotence in implementing his inspiring campaign, the one which stated clearly and passionately its intention to be the tonic to years of purposefully destructive policies, it is certainly not because the strategy suggested by the Hope and Change platform assumed those things alone would replenish the desperate and deadly routine that had become American governance.

But what it certainly did not include was a strategy that suggested we gird for all out war.

For, even more than the amorphous sobriquet War On Terror (which has about as much weight as Whip Inflation Now), there is a far more tangible ongoing War On Hope.

Because Hope empowers those whom would deter the corrupt from reaping their ill-gotten profits and possessing their abusive power, the Hope that has moved mountains and fueled revolutions, it has been systematically and steadily squelched.

The barrage withstood by Obama and his attempt to reform the baroque web of corruption and special interests has been nothing short of a modern day blitzkrieg, an apt comparison given the sociopathic behavior of the most high profile opponents of all things Obama, personas better suited to fascist proclivities than to democratic ones.

Make no mistake: any gains at all will continue to be hard-fought and minuscule compared to the gains that could be made in an unhindered and healthy political environment. Indeed, has there ever been a time in America where all the forces opposing a sitting president have been so immaculately amassed, so widespread and coordinated, so obsessed and craven that the very tenets of democracy are shunted aside to make room for the ideological coup d'état which describes the Right Wing's assault on Obama, on progressive legislation, on the American people themselves?

Only recently, one only has to look at them, to listen to them hiss and mewl about Haiti, about the poor and disenfranchised. Watch their sneers and self congratulatory chuckles as they rewrite the truth to fit their passé but still poisonous agenda. These media shills and corporate flunkies disguised as journalists and reporters and senators and congressmen --

-- hate you.

They hate anyone who wants a life unencumbered by the psychological need to dominate and profiteer. They hate all those who care about the welfare of the unfortunate.

They hate all those who refuse to hate, who know better than to lower themselves to the level of superstitious savages, jealous of those who have managed to find a little serenity, a little contentment, anyone who has a reverence for history and an understanding of the challenges facing humanity day to day; who love, who show mercy and who walk humbly.

But as Ecclesiastes states (a text rarely spoken by partisan, loudmouthed, so-called religious leaders anymore, probably as being too weak and watery a passage for their divisive purposes, an outmoded Biblical tract relegated to recitation at treacly wedding ceremonies) there is a time for war.

And the agents of Hope must beat their plowshares into swords and take on the grinning, arrogant, soulless cynics who have since day one hurled salvos of invective, compounding lie upon exaggeration upon nightmare scenario to baffle the already skittish and malleable populace.

The war on Hope is Dresden, Antietam, Ypres, Trafalgar and, if the forces opposing Hope continue to stockpile their weapons of mass obstruction, Hiroshima.

So at the end of this cranky, spittle-flecked, clumsy-metaphor-laced, lefty rant, what to do?

Read your history. Question authority.

And prepare for war.