07/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011


As Messrs. Addington and Yoo held the line the other day against any intrusion upon their heavily fortified domain, the question of the administration's fealty to secrecy and proprietary governance became ever more clear.

In BushCo's version, America is an island unto itself and all those who seek the truth about what goes on behind the palm fronds and razor wire are threats to its sociopathic sovereignty. From the start, secrecy, obfuscation and road apple-kickin' swagger have characterized the way it does its business, actually taking pride in its disdain for sophistication and diplomacy, as a kind of cowboy charm -- their chaps are covered in blood but they git 'er done.

David Addington and John Yoo are the latest hoofers appearing in the BushCo burlesque, bucking and winging their way through the most recent House Judiciary Committee hearing and bringing into the spotlight yet more maddening breaches of protocol and common sense. They and their ilk are nothing like the patriots they paint themselves to be. In fact, they bear a startling resemblance to the sneering, clubfooted propagandists and sieg-heiling deviants the allies spent their blood and souls battling in WW2 and, later on, the even scarier cold war miskites who sent their betters to gulags and oblivion, their current incarnations just as true to their ideology but less sartorially fetishistic.

The point is, what are these men protecting and from whom? What have they ever demonstrated to be in anyone's interest but their own? That once again these members of the petroleum politburo are allowed to brazenly mouth off to the constitution, to its citizens and to the memory of all who fought for the country when it deserved to be fought for should provoke brain-bursting outrage.

It should but it won't. We already know and have known the answers but just have to go through the moldy theatrics. The House subcommittee hearings were just the latest reality TV offering about the Bush years: "Extreme Fuckover: Torture Shmorture!"

And there's still that pesky war. Funny how that's slipped several steps back to the just-get-it-over-with position. Funny how so much of what we should consider important grays into the background and joins the neo-concaphony. It's all so disposable: war, ethics, education, the middle class, poverty, health, the environment, history, senior citizens, the environment, a right wing activist supreme court, other people, other cultures, a plan. It's all a fait accompli since the guardians of freedom -- the citizens -- are too busy being distracted by the garish capering of pompous apparatchiks, undernourished starlets or overmedicated athletes, all dripping with ignorance and bling and all calculated to draw the collective gaze away from the ruin taking place outside the theatre.

And the last act of the BushCo Follies is on next. We'll kill 'em in Tehran!