05/26/2010 08:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Getting America Back to Work

"From explaining what's gone wrong in America, to what we have to do to get power back in the hands of common working people, "Getting America Back to Work" has something for everyone.".Getting America Back to Work" is like a firm slap across the face that wakes us up to the reality that we have been fed a lie. Things really aren't "just that way" and we do not have to settle for our lot in life. From facts and philosophy, to analogies and cartoons, Stewart Acuff and Dr. Richard Levins give us what we need to understand how to leverage our power as individuals through collective action..."

--- Eric Russell, Political Department, United Steelworkers

Mired in the deepest economic crisis in 70 years, the Obama Administration is sending dangerous signals that it may turn its attention from job creation to deficit reduction. If that happens our workers and our economy will be destined for an intractable economic crisis of interminable length. And President Obama will suffer a failed Presidency.

Larry Summers may be America's smartest fool.

In our new book, Getting America Back to Work, Dr. Richard Levins, Economics Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, and I lay out the roots of our economic crisis and a way out of the ditch.

Quite simply there is no way out of this ditch without stimulating consumer demand. By far the smartest way to stimulate demand is by paying workers better wages to perform work that will improve our economy and our way of life in the future.

Getting America Back to Work makes the case for rebuilding the country's manufacturing base to get back to creating wealth by making things.

Getting America Back to Work makes a very strong case for climate change legislation which would create two million good paying jobs to create green energy generation and conservation, a cleaner atmosphere, and a healthier climate and planet.

Getting America Back to Work also advocates strongly for fundamental labor law reform to end employer retaliation and intimidation when workers try to form unions and bargain collectively. Collectively bargaining is the best way to organically raise wages and workers' quality of life and, therefore, consumer demand.

Finally, Getting America Back to Work addresses the gross imbalance of power created in our society created by the yawning income and wealth inequality.

The power imbalance can only be solved by workers organizing.

Getting Back to Work is what the Utility Workers Union of America stands for.