06/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Karl Rove: Let's Debate Employee Free Choice

By now we all know Karl Rove has chosen an interesting way to spend his time and pad his pockets in the wake of his disastrous time in the White House.

He has decided to continue the Bush Administration's amazingly successful work of ruining the U.S. economy, transferring massive wealth of power from workers in the middle class to the rich, eviscerating American labor law and devaluing work by governing, campaign stumping, and touring to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act.

He has spoken against the bill in Peoria, St. Louis, and Milwaukee. As we noted last week, at every stop hundreds of union workers turn out to protest Rove.

Since I am also stumping and touring for passage of the bill and since I have debated the Chamber of Commerce officials and union busters all over America; and for Fox and CNBC host I think Rove and I should debate the merit of Employee Free Choice Act. So here goes.

Karl Rove, I challenge you to debate the Employee Free Choice Act. You can pick the time and place, but you cannot limit the audience or exclude the media.

Why would I, an obscure aging union organizer, have the confidence to challenge Karl Rove, who is often called brilliant and genius when he ran the Bush White House?

Because the entire corporate, right wing campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act is a shameless lie. When held up to the light, their campaign falls apart like every great lie.

Now Rove and his ilk are great at lying. They ran the country into a ditch of lies. They lied to get into the mess of Iraq. They lied about torture. They lied about the U.S. Attorneys. They lied about labor law. They lied about workers. They lied about taxes. They lied about Abu Ghraid. They lied about the economy. They lied about the deregulation. They lied about greed.

But Rove and the right wing and Corporate America aren't so good at sustaining their lies. The Wall Street Journal, had to retract their lie that the Employee Free Choice Act would destroy elections for union representation. Even National Chamber Legislative Director, Randel Johnson, had to retract that lie in a debate with me last Friday at the Indiana University Law School.

NEWS ALERT - We will have You Tube coverage of that debate in this space in just a few days. You won't want to miss it.

So let's debate, Karl Rove. Everyone needs to know that you and the Bush Administration ran the country into a ditch with your reckless deregulation, insatiable greed, and contempt for workers. Everyone needs to know you stole from the middle class, workers, and the poor to make the rich even richer, robbing the economy of adequate consumer demand. And everyone needs to know our economy needs a huge kick start and stimulus. And that the best and most effective stimulus we could have is passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and the restoration of workers' freedom to form unions and bargain collectively for a fairer and greater share of the wealth we create.