09/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans, Healthcare and Money

After Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made a big show of how independent he was by rejecting President Obama's stimulus package, he's now going around the state presenting oversized checks to constituents and taking credit for the new jobs it's produced. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who went so far as to suggest that Texas secede from the Union (to which most of the country heartily agreed) rather than get federal funds, is now demanding where the rest of his state's share of the booty is. Speaking of booty, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford begrudgingly takes the money because the state legislature is forcing him to while he wistfully dreams of continuing his hike along the Appalachian Trail.

All but three Republicans voted against the stimulus, yet they all are gladly taking the money. Seeing a trend here? Here's how to shut them up. New rule. If a senator or governor announces that they are going to refuse the stimulus funds, don't give it to their state. Give it to the other states that want jobs. It will only take one senator or governor who is trying to score political points on the poor and the jobless to nix the deal. Then the people of the state will know who exactly is to blame.

Yes, I feel sorry for the people of the red states who will suffer because of the morons they voted into office. Maybe a shock to the system like this will finally make them understand that there's more to elections than gun rights and who loves Jesus more.

My guess is that if this pipe dream of mine ever did come to a vote, the gutless cowards on the right would all vote for the stimulus money just like when forced to, the "birthers" voted unanimously that the president was indeed born in Hawaii.

The same rules would apply to the health care bill, except governors wouldn't count. If you live in a state where one of your senators votes against single payer, your state can keep the status quo. If Montana loses out because Jon Tester votes yes and Max Baucus votes no, guess which senator will lose in the next election cycle. Everybody will know where to point the fingers.

It's time for Obama to call the Republicans' bluff. Enough with the bi-partisan crap. No Republican or DINO is going to vote for reform, no matter how much they water it down. Baucus's Group Of Six is awash in contributions from the health care industry and big pharma. According to, the total amount of money contributed to the six from the health care field during the period of 2005 to the upcoming 2010 campaign is as follows:

John Enzi: Pharmaceuticals - $216,200 Health Professionals - $144,049
Charles Grassley: Pharmaceuticals - $127,850. Health Professionals - $211,906
Olympia Snowe: Health Professionals - $174,574
Kent Conrad: Health Professionals - $229,033
Jeff Bingamen: Health Professionals - $207,563
Max Baucus: Pharmaceuticals - $506,313 Health Professionals - $497,641

These are the dolts making the rules? Any wonder why Baucus, Grassley and Enzi are doing all they can to kill health care reform? Do you think they care about the millions who have no insurance and the others who are about to lose theirs or which room of their vacation homes should they put their new 60 inch HD plasma TV?

Where are the Republican ideas? The only one I've heard so far is a plan to get their knuckle-dragging sheeple to disrupt town hall meetings intended to inform the public. The wingnuts are way too busy trying to keep the truth from reaching the public. The party of "No" is fast becoming the party of "No Freedom Of Speech." (Ironically, the "citizens" who will try to disrupt the meetings are probably the ones who need the benefits the most. Never underestimate the mentality of a tea bagger.)

Enough of this charade. Kudos to the president for trying to govern the inclusive way but it's painfully obvious that the opposition couldn't care less about the welfare of the people or the country. It's time for the Democrats to grow a pair and force a vote. And if your senator votes no, don't come running to the blue states to get health care. You were stupid enough to vote for the clowns, you keep them. The joke's on you.