11/02/2009 03:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sunday Mornings With Rush

Sunday mornings just aren't the same anymore. The days of spending hours leisurely reading the Sunday paper and watching the network news shows are a thing of the past. The incredible shrinking newspapers have become a joke and real journalism on the talk shows has completely disappeared.

Yesterday FOX "News" treated us to a half hour of the musings and observations of that wise chronicler of our times, Rush Limbaugh. Chris Wallace spent most of the interview trying to squeeze his head up Uncle Rusty's ample butt as he tossed him one softball question after another. This is not news. This is propaganda, something the folks at FOX are very adept at.

Meanwhile over at CBS, Bob Schieffer is busy comparing the H1N1 flu vaccine shortage to Hurricane Katrina. A bit of hyperbole, you think? But then again Schieffer and his family have long had ties to the Bush family. Bob's brother Tom was W's partner in his Texas Rangers sweetheart deal. Bush also named his buddy Tom Ambassador to Australia. Ambassadorships make strange bedfellows, right Bob?

Over at Disney/ABC, they're busy trying to make Liz Cheney a star. She appears about once a month in the "Roundtable" segment. Why is Disney forcing this disgusting human being on the American public? Why is she being given a platform for her hate speech? She actually thinks that George Bush honored the fallen with more class than Obama because he hid them from the public? Obama is using them as props? What kind of sick mind goes there? (A Cheney mind, obviously) A chip off the old block, she lies with impunity and now also has the blood of thousands on her hands just like her old man. This is whom ABC/Disney picks to have a seat at the table.

As for "Meet The Press" the less said the better. The late Tim Russert lost all credibility when we discovered that he knew who leaked Valerie Plame's name and did nothing. His successor David Gregory is best known as Karl Rove's dance partner. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of old quotes dredged up to play "Gotcha."

One other note. Enough with the FOX "News" / MSNBC comparisons. FOX is a news network. It says so in it's title: FOX News. CNN stands for "Cable News Network." Its slogan is "The Most Trusted Name In News." MSNBC stands for Microsoft/NBC. Its slogan is "The Place For Politics." I don't see the word "News" used anywhere. The only real news hour on MSNBC is "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." (I consider Rachel Maddow's show more commentary and investigation than hard news. "Hardball" is just Monty Python's "Argument Clinic" without the jokes.) That means MSNBC has one hour of news a day. This beats CBS, NBC and ABC by thirty minutes. MSNBC is almost totally opinion and debate driven. FOX sells itself as a news source. Case closed.

As for Sunday mornings, more time to sleep in for all. Thank you, mainstream media!