07/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Sanford: Yet Another Lying Republican Creep

Gee whiz. Now South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has admitted that he's been having an affair with some Argentinean babe. This follows a week after Republican Senator John Ensign admitted to an affair with a staff member. Yes, this has happened to a few Democratic pols, too. But there is a huge difference.

Republicans are the self-styled bible thumping party of family values. They're quick to pass their pious judgment on others. The Ten Commandments are for saps, not them. If Bill Clinton is caught in an uncompromising position, impeach the bastard. If David Letterman tells a questionable joke about Sarah Palin's unwed mother-daughter, label him a pedophile and try to destroy his career. In the Republican world gays and lesbians are considered non-Americans while law-breaking Bush administration thugs are considered heroes. The Right threatens that episodes like this shouldn't be politicized by opponents and then use episodes just like this to destroy figures on the Left.

The first reaction from Republicans has been to marvel at the courage Sanford has shown in owning up to his discretions. He quoted the bible like a good Christian and begged forgiveness. He did the right thing. Oh, bullshit. He's a liar and a cheat who uses religion only when it's convenient for him. The same conservatives who are feeling sorry for Sanford today will go back to slandering the opposition and touting their moral superiority tomorrow until the next Republican gets caught. Right, Newt?

Sorry, but if you claim the high road in morals and family values, you must be held to a higher standing, and when you get caught breaking those codes, you should be exposed for the lying creeps that you are. Republicans are reaping what they've sown.