12/16/2010 04:35 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

StyleLikeU And The One-Dress Project Join Forces Against Child Marriage (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

StyleLikeU presents a new fashion editorial celebrating the One Dress Project. ODP is a charity that benefits international humanitarian organizations working to prevent the sale of young women across the globe into marriage slavery, a fate that befalls an estimated 60 million girls. SLU worked closely with the One Dress Project founder, Malcolm Harris, to create this feature that celebrates women and the beauty of their unity.

"It is our hope that the One Dress video and photographic campaign will convey a certain sense of connectedness, freedom, and hope," says Harris. "Through this captivating presentation, we hope our contribution will come to the rescue of these forgotten girls by releasing them from a promised life of loneliness, captivity, and hopelessness."" -Malcolm Harris, Founder of One Dress Project

"I feel that the union between StyleLikeU, a burgeoning social network that celebrates the beauty and creative spirit of individuals for their differences, and Malcolm Harris, a designer who unites style with social consciousness speaks for itself in regards to breaking down ignorance. The dress is archetypal in it's infinite ability to erase barriers and embrace all women." -Elisa Goodkind, Editor and chief of StyleLikeU

A portion of all profits from sales of the One Dress are directed to the following charities/organizations: CARE and Kiva. The One Dress is available for purchase at


Directed by Elizabeth Perrin

Special Thanks to Canoe Studios

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