07/23/2014 09:46 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2014

The Trinity, 'Heavyn,' and an 8-Year-Old

I was helping my granddaughter Peyton clean out her closet the summer after third grade when we found an old school project toward the bottom of the pile. Her teacher had assigned the students a "book writing project" where students could write about any topic. Peyton chose to write about the Trinity, which includes her belief about heaven.

Since that day, I have shown Peyton's book to many ministers, and all of them have told me that even at 8 years old, her understanding of the Trinity was more advanced than many church members. Sometimes a child can show us a simple way of understanding something that appears to be complex.

I believe her writing is an example of what can happen when parents intentionally talk with their children about faith. Because of strong Christian parents, she "gets it," thanks to their teaching of "the most important life lesson," as Peyton says in her Dedication.

Here is Peyton's "book," complete with her own titles and unique third-grade spelling.

Jesus is the Real Power

(Not Magic)

By Peyton Gober

© 2008

Deticated to my parents who have taught me all that you are about to read. I love you. Thank you so much for teaching me the most important life lesson there is.


Dear Readers,

This story you are about to read is not only a really, very, the most important life lesson, but it is true. I hope you enjoy this book! Flip the page to begin.

Chapter One

About Jesus

Most people think that Jesus is just a made up story. Or a legend that was made up years ago, and is still being told today. And some kind of believe, but just ignore it and worship other fake gods. If you are at all questioning Him being the only way, all you have to do is read a little bit of the bible. A certain part. I'm not sure what part but you can always try. If you read the right part, it will teach you that the same Jesus that was alive millions of years ago, is the same Jesus that we pray to today. And He will be forever. And he is the power. Unlike Kings, Queens, or Satin. He rules everything. I mean think about it. Kings and Queens, when they die, new people take there place. Jesus was, is, and will always be the same person. Satin will, too. But he doesn't rule over anything. He tries to get hold of your mind and make you do bad things, have bad actions and set poor examples for others. Just remember to always be a Christ follower.

Chapter Two

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is something that is inside of you. Sometimes you might hear people say that God has three heads. It's true! God doesn't litteraly have three heads, but, what people mean is that you have:
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the form of God that lives inside of you. It's that little voice inside that when you are tempted to do the wrong thing, it is telling you to do the right thing. So whenever you hear that little voice telling you to do the right thing, do what it says, and you will live a much better life than if you always did the wrong thing and got punished all of the time. The Holy Spirit went into action when Jesus went to heaven.

Chapter Three


Satin is the one who always wants you to do the wrong thing. He is that other little voice that is telling you to do the wrong thing. DON'T LISTEN!! And I mean it, that loud and clear. Because he is the one who always wants you to do the wrong thing, like I said. Like I said earlier, if you do, you will get in trouble all of the time and your life will be miserable. You don't want to live your life miserable do you? No way!! All you have to do is simply don't listen!

Chapter Four

Jesus is the Only Way

If you have Jesus in your heart, you will go to Heavyn. And Heavyn is wonderful. There is no sin in Heavyn! No getting hurt, etheir! I don't know about you, but I want to go to Heavyn. But you can't go because you want to. You do it for the right reason. You except Christ to be your lord and Savior. That's all it takes. But do it because the holy spirit told you to. And if you aren't in that state of mind yet, you don't do it. Before asking him to come inside you, and live in you, you might consider praying! The Holy Spirit might tell you it's not the right time. Then wait, and keep praying. If the Holy Spirit says go ahead, then great! Go ahead! But have someone guide you through it! But overall, you're ready!