10/10/2007 11:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Illinois's Favorite Daughter Could Out-Distance Illinois's Annointed Favorite Son

"Winability," affability, experience,( i.e. a Clintonian Cabinet ready to hit the ground running) were the key catch-phrases the 250 guests left with along with their 'Hillary for President' badges from the Chicago Dinner with Hillary co-hosted by the husband and wife duo of JB and MK Pritzker last week in the small dining room of a family owned Hyatt Hotel.

Early on in this extended-stay Presidential Primary, the Harvard scholar and Illinois state senator who adopted Illinois as his state, and became U.S. Senator Barack Obama was awarded official Favorite Son Status. Even though Hillary Rodham was the one born and reared here.

However with two back to back fundraisers held here late last week, Hillary attracted big money Republicans, a smattering of African -Americans, and a host of bona-fide democrats who have also been seen at Barack fundraisers. Hillary was looking very comfortable slipping into a Favorite Daughter mode -- many of her high school chums were in attendance -- along with Former DNC Head and current Chairman of Hillary for President Terry McAuliffe. Reminding us all that the Clintonian "Cabinet" is still in session, if it ever disbanded.

And Hillary affably beamed as 40 year Chicago politico Burt Natarus addressed her as "Madame President". A gentleman newly proselytized into the Hillary Family at my table spoke about his allegiance to the "First Clinton Presidency" and how he was certain Robert Rubin would leave his executive post at CITI to return to The Second Clinton Presidency, perhaps as treasury secretary.
And how good it was during a time of war and crisis to have a Familiar Band of Brothers returned to government, armed with experience. And know-how.

How appropriate, chimed in I, normally Daley Democrat but rather recognized national Republican, to have a team in place, familiar to us, all ready to assume leadership in the Hillary Clinton Presidency. The times are too perilous, I heard myself say, to have anyone learn as they led from the White House. EXPERIENCE, we all parroted.

Illinois Politics is as incestuous as the Ozarks of yore. Penny Pritzker, sister of National Hillary-for-President Operative JB, and this evening's host, is Barack's National Finance Chair. This particular blogger was a co-host at the big Women for Obama Lunch early in the campaign and soon after the favorite Son endorsement.

And many of the City's Favorite Son Annointees were at the table next to me, signaling "soft" commitment and/or multiple Hillary/Barack dual support.

At this point , I approached Hillary with a photograph of her as First Lady and me as a member of the State Department Fine Arts Committee standing in the White House from 10 years ago when we were both blonder."Which one of these blondes will be the first women president?" I asked the table.

Hillary threw back her head and laughed. Something she would never have done with that remark 10 years ago. She borrowed a pen and signed the photo. Very affable. Very Bill Clinton. Very Familiar. All in the family. Very Favorite Daughter/Son.